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I like a boy.
I wonder if he likes me too.
Breathe in for luck,
breathe in so deep,
this air is blessed,
you share with me.
This night is wild,
so calm and dull,
these hearts they race,
from self control.
Your legs are smooth,
as they graze mine,
we're doing fine,
we're doing nothing at all.

And I don't know quite how you did it. I don't know how you got me to talk and act this way. You got me to do it though. You got me fallen boy. I'll keep falling as long as you'll catch me. I'll keep singing as long as your listening. I'll stare into those eyes as long as you'll let me. Oh dear its happening again but I can't help but feel how different it is from the others. I'll take this chance. Hope it's worth it.


 I'm so excited.
Rehearsals have just started and its fun.
I feel like I'll make many new friends.
I'm happy.
I'm really fucking happy right now.
Things are going sooooo well.
My boy is learning to play Hands Down for me on guitar and it's really sweet.
He's just really sweet.
Goregous and sweet.
I'm happy never had one bad day since I started dating him.
I really hope this will last.

Fuckery Most Foul

 The scariest shit ever is waking up and hearing Yellow Bus blast through your stereo.
"You fucking bitch you suck my dick"
Since I'm my boyfriend's new official alarm clock I'm thinking of playing it into my phone really loud whenever I call him at 5:30 in the fucking morning xD
I had my first rehearsal today.
It's like me highlighting my lines.
So scary..
Theres so many of them.
I'm excited though because it's finally my turn to shine and show my skills.
It's giving me this new found serious love to act.
I want to go to auditions for the Forest of Fear.
I feel like i'd make a wicked zombie.
I've been pretty happy lately.
Everything seems to be falling into place nicely.
My Bambi is getting his license in 2 months and is going to come here so we can have romantic times.
Yes my boyfriend's nickname is Bambi and he loves it.
I'm getting into my part really well for the drama and I think i'll make a pretty good jester.
I'm nervous too because i've been contemplating the whole soon to be loss of my V card.
It's really big thing but I think it's really good and will just bring us closer and I really trust him and he loves me a lot and i love him.
Ok I'm tired now.


 Today was auditions for The Twelfth Night.
I think i did really well and have the part of the jester named Feste.
The list goes up tomorrow and i'm really excited.
I should probably go tend to my boyfriend now.

My boyyyyy

 Your so fucking adorable :3
Omg dream boy come trueeeeeeee.
Oki I go now *giggles*
I was called down to dinner so I finish up writing this nao.
Did I mention how extrodinarily hot he is.
I feel like so extremely lucky that I found such a sweet guy.
He makes me like sqweal.
He got a webcam and we were testing it out today and omg my jaw like dropped when I saw him.
We'd been talking every night for so long that it made me really happy to see him for the first time.
He's just so damn good natured.
He makes sure to call me at the most random times of the day and texts me goodmorning and goodnight texts.
I can't wait till he gets his license so he can come visit me like every weekend.
So yes hes amazin :3


 I can talk on the phone.
When i'm on the phone it's basicly just me in complete silence.
Tonight I was laughing and smiling and talking.
I don't care that I met you online.
I don't care that your so far away.
I like feeling safe and you certainly give me that feeling.
This has become my private journal for my friends to read because I think i'll keep them from you and one day when you find them it will be a pleasant surprise.
Is it so hard to accept that I'm dating a guy?
I haven't always been the gayest of the group.
I'm happy though because I feel protected and I feel like I donn't have to to have the burdens I had previously encountered.
A friend of mine gave me the idea to type out my locked texts which and the momment are all for you and this is almost like my log of how things are.
People judge to quickly by appearences.
Either way I'm happy I found you so 
"If music be the food of love, Play on."

"Hey you. Teacher left the room for a minute. I'm thinking of you"

"God damn amaris youve stolen my heart"

Him: I'm crossed between doing my 2 favorite things right now
Me: what?
Him: Talking to my gorgous girlfriend and sleeping.
Me: Go to sleeepppp
him: No way I dont know what you do while i'm asleep
Me: stare at the wall
him: nope your tottally having sex with yourself..WHAT? I DIDNT SAY THAT
(I laugh every time I read that)

My final and favorite
"You don't know how many times today I wanted to just take out my phone and text you I love you"
"I wanna say it so bad...ill take slow steps and say it cute first I loves joo =)<3"

Damn boy youve got me fallen.


 So so I felt like writing another entry.
This one is based off a poem I read in english.
Its called AD and is about the holocaust and I just found it really interesting and such.
I love all my classes. 
This years drama is twelfth night by Shakespeare and i'm so excited because thats what we are doing in theater arts so i'll be prepared.
I'm also really into my Psych class seems like it'll be really interesting
I saw all my friends again and have once again patched stuff up with mallory.
I think that'll work better now since we have lunch together.
I have pizza :3
OMG I wanna go see 9 I will so see it this weekend.
Happy 9-9-09 everyone!
Even though the only person who reads with is Caroline.
Hi! xD
I like this year.
Good stuff!


 One word.



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